Today is National Puppy Day in the United States! What a great holiday, mainly because our Instagram newsfeed was filled with adorable puppy photos. We can all agree that dogs in weddings are the cutest thing!  So we wanted to share some of our favorite wedding day doggies!

We really love when couples incorporate their entire family into the big day. We have a really diverse set of venues in the French Alps, along the Riviera, and in Provence that allow dogs on the property for weddings.  We will also set up wedding dog sitting services for you so your dog can be apart of some or all of your wedding, while being entertained and showered with attention!

Even if your pup can’t make it to the wedding some couples pay tribute to their furry friend with photos, or even a cardboard cut out!

We know the important role dogs play in our lives. The unconditional love and endless tail wags that bring us so much joy. We hope this day is filled with lots of fetch, treats and chew toys for every pup!