Whether you are hosting a dinner party this season or having a fall wedding, creating amazing centerpieces is a breeze. Here is a list of simple decor that makes a huge impact with easily accessible materials.

First find a large glass vase. Depending on your centerpiece vision, some may want to decorate their vase. For a more personalized centerpiece, paint your last initial or your monogram on the front. A very popular style this season is to dip your vase in a colored paint. Metallic colors and glitter create a great statement really making the whole piece pop! Wrapping your vase in rope is also a really great idea and can be used for all seasons. The most classic option is to add your favorite ribbon, this is great because you can change them out often to fit the occasion.

Now for inside your vase. A great way to add in little details is to use a pillar candle and decorate it. Wrapping your candle in twine, burlap, little twigs, wheat, vanilla beans or cinnamon sticks is a great idea for fall. Oops, you have a tall vase and a short candle? Use a small plastic cup to lift up your candle and fill in space so you use less filler.

Adding in filler is the best part, here you can be creative! This is the perfect place to mix-and-match colors and textures in your layers. Some great natural ideas are stones, leaves, bark, straw, lavender seeds, pine cones and acorns. Using other materials like cotton balls, Epson salt and corks can add contrast in your filler.

A fun idea for a kitchen centerpiece is to incorporate food into your filler. You can choose a neutral color scheme with coffee beans, black beans, seeds, rice and peanuts. Or use more colorful options like corn, split peas and assorted berries. For extra flare, spray paint these fillers for a polished look. Great fall colors include copper, silver, brass, maroon, browns and whites. The sky’s the limit!

Once you have created your vase place it on a base. Some great bases to use are old books, wood planks, rock slabs and log disks. Going the extra mile to include a base really makes a huge statement with little effort.

Our favorite part about this DIY is everyone’s will come out different and reflect your personal style. Seeing people being creative inspires us and drives us everyday! Please share your centerpiece creations with us on our Facebook Page!

Want to use flowers instead of candles in your centerpiece? See our blog next week for a look into our favorite fall flowers and bridal bouquets.