For many couples a destination wedding in France means many many guests traveling from all over the world, thousands of air-miles, plane tickets, departure boards and travel itineraries.

One of our couples from Australia  this past winter had fun incorporating a travel theme into their table plan…or rather, a travel itinerary to be seated !

This is how it went:

Guests during the cocktail hour had to first find their name which was associated with a flight number on a depature board. For example John Jones was on  flight AV 900 (bride and groom initials were A & V).

They would then use this flight number AV900 to locate a destination on a huge inflatable globe hanging from a beam in the cocktail reception area ( a small piece of cardboard with AV 900 velcroed to the globe)

Their flight AV 900 was velcroed to a specific destination such as Melbourne, Australia or Bangkok, Thailand, etc…

The guest then had to remember this destination and look for the table name in the dining area with that location on it.

Once they found the table  destination, like Melbourne Australia, there was a photo of the couple at that particular location…(super cute!)

Finally, after finding their table(ie destination), they then had the traditional place card with their name indicating their seat.

Here are a few photos to see what it was all about! The guests loved it!!