For a pop of color this fall most people use sunflowers. Sunflowers are a power statement and absolutely brighten any room. However did you know the sunflower has a “colorful cousin” called the dahlias? Dahlias are Mexico’s national flower and come in a beautiful array of colors. They range from deep purples to pale pinks and oranges to bright yellows. Some flowers even look to have dipped petals, giving them a variety of colors all in one bloom! If picked with perfect timing these flowers form a near perfect sphere adding a really neat contrast to any arrangement.

If you are looking for more typical fall color scheme marigolds are a timeless touch. These bright orange and red flowers are nicknamed “herb of the sun” because they open when the sun is shining and nearly close at night. In ancient times these flowers were known to promote creativity and represent passion making them the perfect wedding day good luck charm.

The toad lily may have been cursed with an awful name but this lily couldn’t be more beautiful! These small and intricately designed orchid-like flowers stop people in their tracks and create a memorable style unlike any other. Just a few in a bouquet can change the entire look, adding a fun twist with a bold pattern!

A great add in for a cascading bridal bouquet are Chinese lantern flowers. These warm colored flowers are very fragile but worth the precious care. This is a unique twist is perfect for a fall wedding, but beware the attractive bright orange seed pods of Chinese lanterns are poisonous but only if you eat them. So move your bouquet during the dining hours just in case and do not use this flower in centerpieces.

 Most people stray from dark flowers during weddings but we love them! Adding in a few dark blooms really gives an arrangement great contrast and a hint of surprise. Chocolate cosmos unfortunately can not be found in the wild but florist can grow them from clippings. The name of this flower comes from the Greek word kosmos that means beautiful, which is an understatement! These flowers are actually a very deep purple that almost look black if not in the light. When these flowers are paired with white roses or fall colored flowers they really pop and add a classic look.

Haute Team Tip: Don’t shy away from shrubs!

The beauty berry is actually a shrub and during the winter create bright purple berries with beautiful green leaves. These would be great to add fullness to a centerpiece or to line a mantle. They are also known to repeal pesky misquotes, making them perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

Heather flower is also a shrub that adds great texture. This shrub looks very similar to lavender but doesn’t create such a strong smell which could irritate guests. It is also a great tip not to use strong smelling flowers around food. This could take away from the overall experience of the meal.

Whatever flowers you choose your best accessory is confidence. Haute Wedding would love to hear from you! What flowers are your favorite? Send us your photos on Facebook.