So many people play such a big role in our love story and our personal journey that celebrating life’s milestones without our closest loved ones is difficult to say the least. One of our brides this summer honored her dad’s memory in some beautiful ways. This bride wanted her dad with her walking down the aisle so she attached a special charm on her bouquet. This charm represented an amazing story.. Her dad used to work as a seafood supermarket manager years ago, and for some reason the father daughter duo started to sign all of their cards to each other with a fish and put SWAF (sealed with a fish) on the back of the envelope. She said this tradition had been done for as long as she could remember. Each holiday he would sign a card, “Love Dad” and draw himself as a fish, celebrating whatever holiday it was. If it was a birthday, the fish would have a birthday hat on. For Christmas, reindeer ears or a Santa hat. For Easter, bunny ears. Etc. Then she would do the same for him, drawing herself as a fish enjoying whatever life had brought her way. These two shared more than good genes, special moments and a creative spirit, they also shared a birthday! The charm on her bridal bouquet was a real drawing of one of the fish her dad signed with, this one celebrating their joint birthday! Engraved on the other side was “Love Dad” in his actual handwriting. This bride carried his love with her for every step down the aisle. In addition to the charm, she saved a front row seat with a memorial sign and matching flowers to honor his place in her life. During the reception she also lit a lantern so his light was shining bright with the mountain moon. This bride knew just how to share one of the of the biggest days of her life with her biggest hero.   Photos by: Joost Weddepohl Photography & Kerry Arnett