When it comes to destination weddings, people often think they have to sacrifice on specialty products because they simply can’t find someone in the area or they can’t seem to send them over to France. Well, we are happy to announce a one of a kind cake topper is not one of those things! No sacrifices here!

 Laurine Defrène has been creating personalized wedding cakes for years and has used her artistic talents to create unique cake toppers for couples. Her hobby started from cupcakes at local events and snow balled into the best job ever! Cake decorating is an art in itself but figures are a whole new level. Laurine really loved this creative process of sculpting and molding figurines, then she noticed a common problem in the industry.. everything is made of sugar and impossible to ship! So Laurine took this problem head on, after a year of experimenting with different clays and raw materials she found the perfect mix that is lightweight, very strong and would make it through the post without any issues.

 Next step, finding her style. People are not plastic so she didn’t want them to look fake. She wanted to add a quirky style to her figures that really reflect the couple and their lives together. She has included pets, hobbies, professions, cars, you name it!

 The figures take a few days to make but Laurine’s favorite part is when clients send over inspiration photos and really engage in the process! She said “I love working with my clients because they are so enthusiastic in sending me photos of themselves, their wedding outfits, their pets, and passions. Each couple is so unique, which makes my work very interesting. They all have different ideas of what they want.” Since this service is a bespoke service it is best to order early, Laurine says about  3 – 4 months in advance is best.

 Laurine sent us a cake topper of our own! We were so thrilled! We can’t wait to keep this around the office for years to come.

 To see more photos of our topper visit the Haute Wedding Facebook Page.

To see more photos of Laurine’s Figures visit her Instagram or her Facebook page!

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