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American Planner

Originally from Irvine, California but living in France for over 15 years. Specializing in helping ex-pat couples from all over say their dream I do!


Swedish Planner

This stylish powerhouse loves turning clients’ visions into reality by transforming venues into magical event spaces. She knows the possibilities are endless!


French Planner

Cecile has always had a passion for organizing life events and has a soft spot for weddings. She’s naturally empathetic and loves making people happy!

Magali French Wedding planner


French Planner

Magali has been working in events for nearly 15 years with international clients from all over the world. She is enthusiastic, organized, and has fantastic attention to detail. 


British Celebrant

Our in-house celebrant will work with you to create a ceremony that is unique to you and your love story. He will make you feel at ease as you stand hand and hand to start your lives together.

More about Monica • Our American Planner & Stylist

Monica’s genuine happy personality and ‘joie de vivre’ reassures our brides and grooms, putting them at ease with her smile and attentive people skills. A good listener and very enthusiastic, she is able to clearly interpret our clients’ wedding day visions and bring them to reality.

Whether she is skiing in the French Alps, strolling through the markets of Provence, or cycling in the Dordogne, Monica always finds the hidden gems that turn any moment into a memorable experience.

Beyond Weddings:

Monica’s passion for sports and languages allows her to travel the world interpreting or announcing at international sporting events. She selects a few dates per year among which include: Rio Brazil 2016 Summer Olympics, Sochi Russia Winter Olympics 2014, Nice-Cannes Marathon, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, FIS World Cup Skiing, Haute Route & more!

More about Anna • Our Swedish Stylist & Planner

Originally from Sweden, where she attended art school, Anna has been living in the French Alps for over 20 years.  experienced stylist, event manager, and creative director. She has worked with Haute Wedding and our sister company, Haute Pursuit, for many years. She has amassed an in-depth knowledge of the hospitality business as well as the event industry by previously owning a buzzing hotel, in the heart of the Alps. She used her artistic talents to transform the space into a fun atmosphere for locals and tourists alike.

Beyond Weddings:

Upon meeting the founder of international agency Collaborative Art, Anna was inspired to become a licensed facilitator of the directional and creative events. Now she creates artistic team-building projects for our sister corporate events firm, Haute Pursuit.

To wind down Anna enjoys jumping headfirst into the water, whether that be the lakes in Sweden or along the coast of France in the Mediterranean Sea. Just like cold dips in the water, Anna’s friendly and relatable personality is refreshing and delightful.

More about Cecile • Our French Planner & Coordinator

Cecile has always had a passion for organizing life events whether it be birthday parties, holiday festivities, dinner parties, anniversaries, or any excuse to gather family and friends! But above all, she has a special soft spot for weddings. Naturally empathetic, she is simply happy making people happy!

Originally from the west coast of France, Cecile fell in love with Chamonix, and with the mountains. After obtaining her master’s degree in marketing she worked as an event project manager for a prestigious ski company. Cecile recently decided to put her marketing background to the side and pursue her secret dream of becoming an international wedding planner! Her overflowing energy and pursuit of perfection fit perfectly with the team. She will move mountains for you.

Beyond Weddings
Cecile is passionate about sports: surfing and skating by the sea, skiing, and mountain biking at home in the Alps. She loves traveling and exploring new spots, along with trying local food! Her artistic spirit leads her to draw and photography, it is her way to step back and decompress from the intense pace events often entail.

More about Magali • Our French Planner & Coordinator

Magali was born and raised in France and has an unmatched knowledge of the local culture here. She has been working in international events for nearly 15 years and loves meeting people from all over the world. She is such a team player because she is curious and eager to help in any way she can.

Beyond Weddings:

Her personal passions include cycling, skiing, surfing, and traveling the world in search of new foods and untouched places

More about Charlie • Our British Celebrant

Born in the heart of the UK, a very international hub, Charlie has grown up surrounded by people from all walks of life. Over the years, he has befriended people from all over the world in his many travels around Europe, North America and South America giving him an international outlook and understanding of different cultures.

Now Charlie is not only learning about different cultures but he is also joining them together in marriage!

Beyond Weddings:

Charlie has settled in the valley of Mont Blanc, France where he has lived for over 13 years with his wife and two kids. Charlie is not only our in-house celebrant he was also one of our first clients! A strong snowboarder, Charlie enjoys spending the Winter months on the slopes with his family. During the warm months, his time is filled with active ventures through the Alps on foot and on a mountain bike.