Authentic Alps Farmhouse Wedding

Lake Annecy, France















Chelsea & James

This English couple traveled across the pond to have their dream I do at this authentic Alps farmhouse wedding venue located near Lake Annecy. This was our first wedding at this venue and we loved every moment of it! It was also our first wedding with a bride in a cast. We couldn’t be more proud of how graceful and positive this bride was. Wedding days are never perfect. This bride made sure to soak in every moment and enjoy it. Her positive outlook was contagious.

This Farmhouse venue is perfect for weddings. It is private with many areas for every part of the big day. There is a large ballroom, large banquet room, a garden, courtyard, and even a dorm area converted from what once was the horse’s stalls.

On the morning of the wedding, the groom and his guys prepared off-site in a hotel near the lake with stunning views.

The girls prepared in a large room while sipping wine and champagne with platters of fresh fruits, veggies, and pasta salad. They were all dressed in matching blue satin robes and white slippers that the bride had made with their nicknames printed on them.

When it was time for the ceremony a golf cart picked up the bride with her father and brought them down the stone path to the garden. The ceremony was in a large grassy part of the estate that overlooked a stunning view of the mountains and was shaded by a fig tree!

The gents carefully picked up the bride and brought her down the stairs where she moved to crutches to walk down the aisle to her handsome groom. All of the guests cheered her on as she made her way through the grass to the alter. It was a touching moment. Live music played throughout the ceremony and really enhanced the ambience. Her hubby was gleaming as we embraced her and they stood hand in hand to say their vows. 

For cocktail hour, all of the guests sipped their drinks and had their caricatures made as a wide variety of appetizers circled. We led them back through the stone courtyard and up the banquet hall for a seated dinner. All of the table named were airplane bottles so the party kicked off early for this one!

Before we knew it, it was time to kick off the dancing. C&J wanted this to be the best part of the wedding! A live band played all night long under the neon lights that filled the wooden ballroom. The space was transformed! There were glow stick cat ears and bracelets going around that really made the night feel more like a rave!

After rounds of shot skis and photos in the old ski lift cable car, everyone was taken home safely by a large coach bus. This night was truly the party of a lifetime! We know we can’t wait for the next authentic Alps farmhouse wedding. Congrats C&J! 

Check back soon to see this wedding video!

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