Authentic Alps Farmhouse Wedding

Lake Annecy, France















Chelsea & James

Chelsea and James, an English couple, embarked on their journey to the Alps, eager to exchange their vows at an authentic farmhouse wedding venue near Lake Annecy. This marked our first experience at this picturesque location, and it certainly left an indelible impression. We were especially moved by Chelsea’s grace and positivity, despite her being in a cast. Unfazed by the unexpected, she wholeheartedly embraced every moment of her special day, her uplifting spirit touching everyone present.

The farmhouse venue proved to be an idyllic setting for weddings, boasting privacy and a range of diverse spaces for each part of the celebration. From a grand ballroom and banquet room to a charming garden, courtyard, and a unique dorm area converted from old horse stalls, the venue had it all.

On the morning of the wedding, James and his groomsmen prepared at a nearby hotel by the lake, soaking in the stunning views. At the same time, Chelsea and her bridesmaids enjoyed a relaxed morning in a spacious room at the venue, sipping wine and champagne, and savouring platters of fresh fruits, veggies, and pasta salad. Dressed in matching blue satin robes and white slippers, each adorned with their nicknames, they shared moments of joy and anticipation.

As the ceremony neared, Chelsea and her father were escorted to the venue arriving at the stone path to the garden. The moment Chelsea, aided by her groomsmen, stepped onto the aisle with her crutches, the crowd erupted in cheers.  The vows were exchanged in a large grassy area of the estate, under the shade of a fig tree and against the majestic backdrop of the mountains. The air filled with live music, adding to the magical atmosphere as Chelsea and James stood hand in hand, ready to declare their commitment to each other.

The cocktail hour was filled with laughter and chatter as guests sipped their drinks, got their caricatures drawn, and sampled a variety of appetizers. Dinner was served in the banquet hall, each table intriguingly named after airplane bottles, igniting the excitement for the night ahead.

As the evening progressed, it was time to bring out the dancing shoes. Chelsea and James had envisioned the dance floor to be the heart of their celebration. A live band played under the glow of neon lights in the wooden ballroom, creating a festive ambiance. Glow stick cat ears and bracelets added a playful twist to the night.

As the night drew to a close, after rounds of shot skis and memorable photos in the old ski lift cable car, guests were safely escorted home by coach. The event was undoubtedly a memorable celebration, leaving us excited for our next Alps farmhouse wedding. Congratulations, Chelsea and James!