Multicultural Destination Wedding

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France







Maria & Shaun

This couple met in Paris while studying abroad, they explored different cafes in Paris in search of the perfect cup of coffee together. Just 72 hours before they took their flights back home they shared their first kiss. They had their first date just 12 hours before departure and stayed in touch long distance for months.

Maria came to visit in New York as often as possible. They spent their first vacations together in the South of France. He proposed at the same French restaurant they shared their first kiss and Maria was absolutely speechless.

The weekend before the wedding they took a scooter through the winding Riviera roads that lead up to the old town of Eze. The couple danced in the streets of Eze and walked the cobblestone paths through the historic and romantic town.

They celebrated their European wedding at Cap Ferrat on the French Riviera surrounded by friends from all over the world. The weekend kicked off with a stylish welcome reception in a tiny chic seaside village overlooking the blue Mediterranean dotted with luxurious yachts.

The wedding itself was at a sumptuous historical property nestled on a hilltop adorned with exquisite gardens and fountains. Catering to the finest palates, flower decor fit for royalty, with the musicians dancing on the tables, it was a night this multi-cultural crowd will never forget! The couple’s guests were from all over the world, none of them actually lived in France making it a true destination wedding.

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Its a commonly known fact that doctors make the worst patients. The same applies to wedding planners and caterers: we make terrible brides & grooms. We have seen so many events that most people would assume we have a clear vision of what we want, but its quite the opposite, we want it all. So then how do you choose a venue? a caterer? a planner? Quite simply, by analyzing their personalities… Out of all the wedding planners that I talked to, I choose Monica because I knew right from the start that she loved what she does. Many people can make a profession out of being detail-oriented, but I knew that Monica actually cared about me and my bride: not the way a professional cares about his/her clients, but beyond that.

The true test to her skill and expertise was evident when 48 hours prior to our function in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in the middle of June, we found out the there would be bad weather. Not expecting thunderstorms in the Cote D’azur in June, our Plan B was in place but not something we actually expected to implement. At the last minute I wanted to modify our rainy day Plan B and Monica was able to find a tent for 150 people, move our ceremony location indoors, and change some details around to adjust for the rain and wind.

A good wedding planner is one that is meticulous and follows up with your various wedding vendors, but a great wedding planner is one that stays calm under pressure and manages to pull off a phenomenal event when the unexpected occurs. A great wedding planner develops relationships with your wedding vendors, so they can work together to make all the necessary adjustments to ensure your guests have flawless experiences. A great wedding planner looks you honestly in the eyes and says “It will all be perfect,” and it is. Monica was GREAT!

Maria & Shaun