Scottish Traditions Wedding

Chamonix, France





















Vikki & Blair

This adorable music loving Scottish couple had an awesome Alps side destination wedding. They incorporated a bunch of traditions from their home country of Scotland including the hand-fasting, kilts and a whiskey blessing.

These two were meant to be from a young age. They grew up in the same town of Aberdeen, Scotland and their family had been friends since before they were born. Since they were young they always played so well together and throughout school supported each other. Since age 15 they could not stay away from each other. Then the memories have been building ever since.  One of Vikki’s first memories of Blair was watching him get his fingers jammed into their car on a May holiday! – ironic with the handfasting tradition from the ceremony. 

The ceremony was beautiful with Charlie, our in house celebrant, who joined these two in marriage. He mentioned how Vikki & Blair have always shared a love of snowboarding, French cuisine, and holidays which brought them to the Chamonix valley. 

They both have a passion for the great outdoors, adventure, music, and enjoying the simple things in life. They have such a great solid foundation with unequivocal support from their family and a deep understanding of one another. 

Vikki describes her sweet hubby as kind, caring, generous and most importantly the funniest weirdo, in the best possible way. She swears they never have a day without laughter, without comfort, or without gratitude. Blair admires Vikki’s genuine and loyal soul. He says she is always there for others, gives back to the community, and always down for an adventure. She makes the simple moments really special. Vikki’s bridesmaid wrote a beautiful poem for the ceremony which really showed how close the bond of these families have.

Then began the handfasting, an old Pagan custom dating back to the time of ancient Celts. Originally it was more for an engagement period, where two people declare a binding union between themselves for a year and a day. It was more of a trial, giving the couple a chance to see if they could survive a marriage… Fortunately, today it is more symbolic. These two clearly have proven their desire and ability to be together forever. With hands tied, the couple shared their vows and then untie the knot to presume the giving of the rings. 

After the big I do, there is one last of the Scottish traditions. Both the bride and groom drink whiskey from the Quaich, a two-handled loving cup. This is one of many ancient Scottish traditions that seals the bond of two people and marks the blending of two families. It symbolizes the love and trust implied by the bond, as the new couple shares the first drink of their marriage together.

The rest of the night was filled with so much song and dance. All of the table names were Coldplay songs, an ode to the couple’s long-time favorites. For the reception, they incorporated a live sax planner and bongos along with a DJ. Many toasts were made with whiskey shots to match. All of the guests were staying at the hotel that they privatized so the party went all night long!

Viikki simply put it best, ‘what’s better than having a holiday with our favorite people and getting married at the same time!” Such a sweet thought! – Thank you V&B, We wish you a beautiful life full of simplicity & adventure!

My husband and I cannot thank Monica and Charlie enough for all their effort and work which they did for our dream wedding in Chamonix! Everything was perfect! Monica our wedding planning is truly worth her weight in gold. We couldn’t have done it without her!

We had a fair idea of what we wanted on our day, but Monica’s interpretations were so much better than what we had expected. The day was flawless! Monica is a warm, professional, thoughtful and efficient person, she made planning our wedding stress-free and on the wedding day, we did not feel any stress at all! She and Charlie made us feel relaxed during the whole process as we knew if there was an issue they would have it sorted. We can’t thank Monica, Charlie and the Haute team enough for making our dreams come true!

Vikki & Blair