Day of Coordination Packages

This service allows us to help you in the final stretch of your preparations, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the moments leading up to your wedding day.

  • First, you “hand over” the wedding to us 3 weeks to a month before the big day. We are now the point person for all your subcontractors and vendors, finalizing timings and logistics, so each piece of the puzzle fits together flawlessly. We manage all of the expectations of your vendors to ensure a smooth day, before and during the big day. 
  • We are present for the rehearsal to help your wedding party feel confident about walking down the aisle. We orchestrate all of the behind-the-scenes logistics on your wedding day with your guests and family. 
  • On the wedding day, we help with all of the big things such as overseeing venue set up, running your timeline, and troubleshooting any problems that may arise on the wedding day. 
  • We also help with the little details like pinning corsages, fluffing your train, and packing your getaway car. 
  • This package is perfect for the couple who would like to organize everything themselves but would like a trusted coordinator to execute their plans to perfection. So you won’t have to worry about a thing, as your wedding fairy godmother is looking after everything, giving the couple the peace of mind to enjoy a day that goes by much too quickly!