Fairytale Family Wedding

Chamonix, France























Lauren & Ryan

This fairytale family wedding was based in Chamonix, a very special location for this adorable couple. Having their friends and loved ones in their favorite place for their wedding was beyond magical, it was a dream come true. Their love for each other and their two beautiful children was so strong and solid that it radiated at every moment of the day.

Lauren’s smiling face, incredible blue eyes and long dark hair made you think of a fairytale princess. She had a positive attitude and incredible outlook on life despite personal tragedies that struck their families only a few days prior to the wedding. This young woman, alongside her discreet and grounded prince, makes everyone wish they too could find a true love like they share one day.

Lauren was slightly nervous before walking down the aisle on her father’s arm. The anxiety building up to see Ryan was palpable. However as soon as they laid eyes on one another the comfort and serenity flowed over the two of them, and literally overflowed with tears in their eyes. 

Lauren had intricate customized lace sleeves added onto her Martina Liliana dress to go with the snowy backdrop of the ceremony and romantic theme of the wedding. Her daughter’s flower girl dress was made by a local seamstress and the cute cape was designed and created by Lauren’s aunt.

The ceremony was held on a wooden terrace with snow-covered mountains and a field of white in the background. The arch itself was a stunning shade of burgundy, peach and green. (probably one of our favorite arches ever actually!)

The vows exchanged by these two were beautiful, emotional, sweet and authentic. They sealed their love with a kiss just before sunset while the sky transformed to a romantic hue of pinkish gold.

The evening was filled with laughter, hilarious speeches, drinking, dancing, sparklers, a candy bar, fairy lights, all wrapped up in genuine real-life love… even better than a fairytale.

Our wedding day in the French Alps was the perfect alpine dream wedding and surpassed anything we could have envisaged. When Ryan mentioned getting married in the Alps, I wasn’t sure how we would go about or achieve this, Haute Wedding made all of this possible.

Having all of our friends and loved ones in our favourite place for our wedding was beyond magical and also so unique and different.

It would not have been at all possible without Monica, we have made a life long friend in her and can’t thank her enough for making our day so special. From a year of planning, visits to the venue, florist,  food tasting, phone calls, whatsapps, emails, our vision became reality and we made a great team. We will be forever grateful for Monica’s help in picking the perfect suppliers – the flowers, the food, saxophone player, singer, and decor were out of this world.

The day was simply the best day of our lives and is a constant reminder of how wonderful life can whilst we are going through such uncertain and worrying times.

Forever grateful and look forward to visiting Chamonix soon, a place forever special to us.

Lauren & Ryan