Family Home Wedding

Servoz, France






















Charlie & Wayne

This couple was so simple and sweet as they said the big I do in their family home in Servoz. They wanted only the important things on their big day – good friends, a private space, and lots of laughs to be shared. There was no better place than their large beautiful garden and backyard. It was the perfect space for an intimate wedding day in the Alps. There were beautiful views of the Mont Blanc mountain range all around them and the Summer sun was shining bright.

The morning of the wedding was slowed down and simple. The bride and her girls did their make-up in the same room as she will continue to do her make up over the next few years. With family photos in the foreground and everything they could want at their fingertips, it was a relaxed morning. 

The ceremony was set up under some old trees with a rug aisle leading to the flower vases whimsically hanging from the trees. Giant beanbags and pillows were placed right in front so the kids could enjoy their front-row seat to the Alpine wedding ceremony.

Our in house celebrant, Charlie, who knew the couple very well, incorporated many of their adventures and stories into the ceremony. They exchanged vows that really held a special place in our hearts. They said the big I do and walked through a shower of smiles from their loved ones and, of course, a bit of confetti too. 

The adorable couple walked hand and hand through the town, that they have walked through many times before, just a little more glam this time around with the bride wearing her beautiful lace white gown and carrying a bright textured floral bouquet. It really felt like time stopped still for these two, just frozen in this Alps moment. The streets were quiet, just the way they liked it and they spent some moments soaking in this moment for themselves.

It is so exciting to know this couple shared such an amazing day of their lives in a location that they will be raising their family in as well. This backyard garden holds so many precious memories and has filled their home with even more joy!

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