Intimate Mountain Wedding

Chamonix, France

























Katie  & John

This couple from the US wanted to say their I do at an intimate mountain ceremony. They invited 25 of their closest friends and family to the French Alps in early January.

John is an avid skier, and huge fan of the US Ski Team. So what better representation of this passion for the mountains than getting married in the mecca of outdoor sports and off-piste terrain – Chamonix!

The couple took a leap of faith and planned their destination wedding despite the pandemic and the ever-changing restrictions and potential obstacles – and their faith paid off!

They had a gorgeous alpine wedding in a fairylike atmosphere. Meters and meters of snow, an idyllic venue, stunning mountain backdrop, and most important they were surrounded by their loved ones who managed to get to Europe despite the inconveniences of traveling during covid. Everything was absolutely worth it!

The couple had a first-look session with snow boots and furs, an elegant and intimate moment before their ceremony. Katie’s gorgeous eyes, shy smile, and beauty had John captivated and in awe of his bride! With tall mountain spires as their backdrop, glaciers in the distance and a winter wonderland all around them, the couple were living in a dream!

Guests were greeted with vin chaud and blankets for the outdoor ceremony that faced out towards the highest peak in western Europe, the Mont-Blanc. They said I DO as the guitarist’s angelic voice carried high up to the mountain tops.

Cocktail hour was cozy and warm with crackling fires integrated into the decor as guests raised their champagne glasses to toast the bride and groom’s forever happiness!

Dinner was filled with love and laughter as the wine flowed and speeches were interspersed between the delicious French courses. Before long everyone was on the dance floor as the bride’s brother in law acted as the DJ and got the party going.

Even though Katie & John’s wedding day came to an end, the fun wasn’t over! The next day they hit the slopes and skied, skied, skied in one of most beautiful and iconic resorts in the world! Congrats you two, we can’t wait to see you back on the mountain again soon.


Thank you for what was the most amazing day of our lives.  We’d love to set up a zoom call to thank you “in person” some time soon.  We are sitting in the Johannesburg airport at the moment after an amazing honeymoon that we vowed (pun intended) to not look at our emails during.

We were and still are beside ourselves for how unbelievable every single component of the day and night was thanks to you.  We owe you a great deal of gratitude for bringing this all together.  I swear every single guest at the wedding came up to Katie and I separately to talk at length about how this was the best wedding they’ve ever been to.  To the point where I reminded them to please keep enjoying the moment!  Everyone was in awe.  The ceremony was so perfect.  We were so lucky the weather behaved and Robin was able to open the roof.  On that note, everyone involved was so, so kind throughout the night.  Robin and the whole crew at venue were so caring.  The photographer was fantastic, kind, and patient.  Lucile’s voice blew us and everyone else away.  The florists were working tirelessly setting up so I didn’t bother them at all, but they were also very kind.  And of course what they set up in such a short period of time was astonishing.  Doug worked seamlessly with Brek to get everything set up on the DJ side.  Making for a fun night of dancing.  And Charlie.  Charlie was so great to work with.  We are blown away that you were able to so quickly get him up to speed and he couldn’t have made the whole day more comfortable and seamless.  There was not a single moment of stress for either Katie or myself the whole night.  We just enjoyed ourselves and the moment from beginning to end.  My Dad, who prides himself on planning things and frankly did all of the planning for both of my sisters’ weddings, was just floored by what was put together.

Honestly cannot thank you enough. From the bottom of our hearts thank you.  Your work is what enabled the most unforgettable day.  Everyone was so elated they dealt with any travel woos to get there.

Katie & John