Elegant Mas Garden Wedding

Provence, France












Xiaoyi & Anthony

Xiaoyi and Anthony met in the beautiful coastal town of Nice where their love blossomed quickly! These two young, beautiful souls had their Chinese-French wedding in the foothills above the French Riviera.They chose to marry in the intimate stone Mas surrounded by peaceful countryside.

The bride’s family & friends flew literally flew across the world from China to celebrate the couple’s third wedding! The first was the civil ceremony to finalize all paperwork and legalities, the second was in China, and the third was in the French countryside. The girls wore red as is traditional to Chinese customs to bring good luck to the newlyweds.

The intimate ceremony took place in the gardens beneath a centuries-old olive tree, a universal symbol of life and peace. The bride was stunning, bringing tears to her groom’s eyes as she walked down the aisle on her father’s arm. An emotional moment for her father who had never been to Europe before, and now he was giving his daughter away in the country she now calls home.

A mix of French, English, and Chinese were interspersed into the readings and texts. The rings were tied to a satin ribbon and passed around the family and friends during the ceremony who whispered wishes and personal blessings onto the rings before the couple slid them on each other’s fingers forever. Their marriage is blessed eternally by those dearest to them with a dimension of intimacy and depth to their promises to one another.

Following the ceremony, guests mingled on the terrace overlooking the surrounding pastures dotted with horses, rolling hills, and the manicured landscape adorned with ivy, cactus, and oak trees. Sweet fragrances of thyme and rosemary filled the air as the soft light descended on the property.

Dinner was poolside with the reflection of market lights sparkling in the water adding a dreamy magical lighting to the romantic ambiance. Guests had a traditional gastronomic French meal with 5 courses! The evening was filled with laughter and speeches, that sometimes required translation, sometimes required hand gestures and acting out explanations, but above all the universal language of love and smiles transcended all language barriers!