Love in a Lavender Field Wedding

Provence, France






Eric & Seaman

This pair of international love birds are from Hong Kong. They traveled to Provence because of their love for the quieter more precious things in life. They had their hearts set on a lavender field wedding. They chose an absolutely stunning Provence venue when the lavender was in full bloom!

They chose their date specifically to coincide with this short blooming season. The field of purple flowers along with glittering silvery-green olive groves was the perfect backdrop for their destination wedding ceremony.

The decor and styling were simple and elegant. It reflected the already stunning environment. Chairs were adorned with olive branches and large lush white Austin roses. The aisle was lined with rose petals. 

The bride absolutely rocked her mermaid-style gown as she stood next to her stylish groom. Charlie, our in house British celebrant, held the ceremony reminiscing over the couple’s journey together. 

The Bossa Nova band serenaded guests during the cocktail hour while the family took turns posing for the photographer so they too, could get their lavender field moments captured eternally. The cicadas were chirping so loudly and added a magical touch to the essence of this Provence summer wedding.

The fashion-forward bride changed gowns three times, her ceremony gown being designer by Oscar de la Renta, and added Chinese tradition by wearing a red dress for good luck for the reception.

After the cake and sparklers came out, the night really began! They danced the night away with a night no one would soon forget. 

We would like to say thank you for helping us with our wedding. I believe it is not common for Hong Kong people to have their big day miles away from their hometown, but Seaman and I still want to have a wedding ceremony in South of France as we love this place so much. In the beginning, we were so frustrated as we haven’t received positive feedback from another planner because of the language barrier (we cannot speak French). You cannot imagine how happy we were when we received the active response from Haute Wedding. It was so lucky that we can have you and your team on communicating with different parties, providing us suggestion on multiple aspects (such as venue, flowers, live band, transportation) and also coordinating on the wedding day. The professional work of your team made our wedding perfect. The whole trip is really one of the unforgettable moments in our life. The wedding was so smooth, everyone was so happy on that day.
Eric & Seaman • Hong Kong