Snowy Terrace Wedding

Le Brevent, Chamonix, France

Frit & Thea

This wedding had a unique timeline, plenty of ski details, and a ceremony outfit we will never forget! Let’s start by explaining a bit about the couple. Frit and Thea are a hard-working Norwegian couple who recently moved to Zurich. They love this bustling city in Switzerland because it has great food, a wonderful mix of international people, and most importantly.. it is close to the mountains!

Thea comes from a big ski family. Her mom was an international ski competitor and she was raised on the slopes. Marrying in a well-known ski area was a must for this couple and they have always loved the diverse range of ski slopes that Chamonix offers.

When planning their wedding, they first explained they wanted to incorporate a few touches that Thea’s parents had in their wedding. They also quickly told us they wanted a little bit of an unconventional timeline. We were super excited about this!

Everyone started the morning rather early. The wedding party got ready in the trendy hotel just at the bottom of the Brevent ski area. They took one of the first lifts up at 10 am to have an early morning wedding ceremony. The bride wore an all white onesie ski suit that looked like it was made for her! All of her bridesmaids and the groomsmen wore traditional Norwegian attire.

The decor for the altitude snowy terrace ceremony was super special. The arch was made of antique skis and were hung with a Norwegian flag on either side. Her parents had old fashion ski poles with flowers along their aisle and the couple wanted to do the same! So they had all of the wedding party sit on either side of the aisle to hold them and when they kissed and walked down the aisle they crossed them at the top and threw yellow petals to shower them with love! We really loved the idea of having your wedding party line the aisle, then all your favorite people are by your side as you step into the world as Mr. and Mrs.

The cocktail hour was held on a sunny terrace where everyone fuelled up for a long day skiing on the mountain with croissants, pastries, coffee, juices, and champagne. Everyone enjoyed the morning before strapping on their boots and hitting the slopes. Then after an adventurous sesh, the bride and groom headed back down to the hotel to have a big lunch with their family and then get ready for the best party of their lives! Before heading out, Thea and Frit had first looks in the hotel. It was an adorable intimate moment

For the reception, the bride wore an elegant long sleeved white gown with a low back and a long veil. The bridesmaids changed into blue velvet gowns and the groomsmen changed into sharp black suits. Everyone gathered at the cabin style venue and watched the sun set over the gold course before heading inside for dinner.

The table plan was a big map of the Chamoinix valley ski areas and the table names were mountains. All of the men’s seats had a mini bottle of jägermeister and the girls had a Norwegian liquor. It was really a wild party with guests dancing on their seats, a live electric violinist and everyone taking ski shots all night long!

We moved the antique ski arch from the ceremony, to the cocktail hour, to the recaption so that is was the backdrop for the photo booth and everyone danced all night long to a big mix of music from all over the world! We absolutely loved this wedding and all the details that truly made it theirs!

Congrats F&T – see you on the mountain soon.

More details coming soon!
Thea & Frit