Stylish Summer Wedding

Chamonix, France











Lorna & John

More about this British couple’s love story coming soon! – Stay tuned!

Thank you, sincerely, for helping us to have the best day possible when we got married! From the first time, we met you in Feb 2016 we were convinced that you are the best we were going to find! Your professionalism, honesty, and experience were clear, alongside your warm and welcoming personality. You were frank about what we should and shouldn’t focus our energy on, which we hugely appreciated – given we had no clue what we’re doing and we hired you exactly for that! You didn’t disappoint. We never felt like we were on our own, or unsure of what to do. Even when things didn’t go to plan, there was always a backup option in place. We had a tough year running into the wedding yet you were able to help us continue to move forward and get excited about the celebrations. We LOVED our wedding. We also loved working with you. Here’s to the start of our non-professional friendship now 🙂 With love & gratitude, Lorna, Johna, Chloé and Bow +1 now 🙂 Thanks Monica!
Lorna & John

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