Looking for an Alps destination? Where else besides our very own Chamonix-Mont-Blanc! This city transforms in the seasons. Once towering white mountain peaks filled with adventure turn to warm walk-able trails. The dust of snow that floats gently to the ground is replaced with brightly colored floral fields that wind their way up the mountain. Warm chalets turn from fire place safe havens to outdoor cookouts with fresh ingredients from the local market. This city has a little bit of everything for anyone.

This dream location is perfect for a destination wedding because your guests have plenty of options to enjoy their free time, from exploring ice caves in the the summer to extreme skiing in the winter. You and your loved ones can plan a hike up to water fall or relax in the mountain view poolside hotel. Kids will love riding the luge and enjoying the parks all over the valley. Chamonix might not be the biggest city in the Alps, but there is no shortage of activities for everyone!

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