Since 2016, the French designer Marine Petroff has been developing custom jewelry made with Alps crystals. The concept is fueled by her passion and love for this region. She has always been fascinated by crystals and loves admiring the uncommon activity of crystal hunting.

Imagine a wearable gem from Mont-Blanc, with a perfect and natural geometry, aged a few 15 million of years, extracted from erosion by alpinists who hunt for them 4000 meters up the mountain! You will discover the gemstone in all its beauty and realize the history of each piece just by looking at it. 

We owe the existence of these crystals to Mother-Nature, and their “picking” to the crystal seekers. These stunning rarities are fruits of crystallization dating from centuries past – from the formation of rocks with so much history. Some of these stones will delight our eyes but others will never be discovered – that is the magic of our mountains!

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