A team of mountain lovers were looking for that perfect brew after a long day in the French alps air. So they created one, right here in Chamonix using only the finest ingredients including Chamonix’s purest glacial water! The Microbrasserie de Chamonix, lovingly known to the locals as Le MBC, was originally built in 1997. It features four fermenters and seven serving tanks. Not only can you taste a flight to try all of the ever changing beer selection but they also serve food accompanied by a wide range of weekly entertainment! The restaurant has a warm ambiance, from the bar you can see all of the beer making process in the shiny brass serving tanks. The MBC brews new batches three to five times a weeks depending on the type and season. Some types only take 9 hours from start to finish before it is ready to pour. The first thing you can tell when you talk to the bartenders is how knowledgeable the international team is, they take great pride in the art of beer making. These beers are crafted perfectly to balance flavors and appeal to all types of taste pallets. With over 14 years of experience these beer masters are confident in saying this beer is the all time best!