Diamonds are a staple for weddings, their history dates back hundreds of years and some can be billions of years old!  Diamonds can come from all over the world, just like our brides, so each is unique and valuable for different reasons.

The cut of your diamond is very important, although everyone has their own preference, here are some tips when choosing your ideal diamond wedding ring cut. 

Diamonds have three typical cuts; shallow, ideal and deep. Each of the cuts have different cut grades ranging from ideal to poor. The grade refers to how rare the diamonds are and how much light they reflect. The deeper the cut, the more light they reflect and the more they sparkle and shine.

After you choose your cut and grade, next decision is which style you want to wear on your big day and for the rest of your life! Every style is unique in its own way. Some of the most common are round brilliant, princess and emerald. 

Below our friends at Diamonds Factory have created the perfect guide to help you choose a wedding ring that you will love forever.

To see more details from their guide visit the Diamond Factory blog! 

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