This stylish southern brand is making a statement in the men’s accessories market. These one of a kind pieces are hand made in Charleston, SC and will stop you dead in your tracks. As we all know, weddings are all about the details. Nothing quite says polished like a colorful work of art located just below your smile. Each Brackish bow-tie is individually crafted ensuring no two are alike. The unique bow-ties are intricately made by over 50 artisans, one feather at a time, taking 4-5 hours per piece. Every accessory comes in a specialty branded wooden box making it the perfect best man gift or as a surprise grooms gift for the big day!

Our favorite part? No bird has been mistreated for their feathers. Brackish swears to re-purpose nature respectfully Each hand-selected feather on a Brackish bow-tie is collected as humanely as possible. Free-range farmers gather naturally molted feathers when their birds prepare for a new set each season.  These beauties would normally be thrown away, instead, Brackish reuses them and brings them to pristine condition before turning them into wardrobe work of art. Each feather is held to an extremely high standard for those in your life that won’t settle for ordinary accessories.

Some famous men are already ahead of the trend including Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray, Andy Samberg, Don Cheadle and Cam Newton. Today, 50 upscale retailers sell Brackish bow ties across the United States and Europe. We can’t help but be memorized by their online market place. We have chosen some of our favorites this week in our slideshow. But remember, no two are exactly alike so find out which one is your favorite and send it to us! We love hearing from you!