Today is just another reminder to appreciate the amazing women in your life.

The women who mold you, who have guided you, who have helped you in your journey. The women who stand by your side when you say I do, and the women attending your ceremony. The women who play big parts, or small parts in our lives. The women you rely on and trust. The women who support and inspire you. This day if for them!

We personally would like to raise a (virtual) glass to the women who make our job possible. The phenomenal brides we get to meet every year, the women that surround them and support us on the big day. It is absolutely a team effort! The mothers of our couples, who often help organize the wedding. The maid of honors, the bridesmaids, and the flower girls who play a vital role in every weddings success.

We have an amazing women network of vendors and partners who help us excel in every way. Photographers such as Aneta Mak,  Audrey Neracoulis, and Nicole Douglas who capture the beautiful moments. Wedding websites like French Wedding StyleStyle Me Pretty and Once Wed which are all created by amazing women. These platforms inspire ladies all over the world!

Our company is predominately run by women, in a woman based industry. We are consistently reminded of the power of teamwork and the resilience of ladies across the world. We hope everyone spends the day celebrating each other!