While you are carving your front porch pumpkin this fall, grab an extra one for a festive planter! This diy is an easy way to create a tasteful statement piece for all occasions this season.

First things first: Choose your pumpkin and your plant.

The best pumpkins for planters have a flat base and sit level. It is best to pick a fresh pumpkin to carve so it will last as long as possible. Look for recently picked pumpkins with a firm stem, the greener the better. The size will depend on what kind of plant you choose. The best part of this DIY is after the season is over you can plant the entire thing right in the backyard. The skin of the pumpkin will break down into compost and provide nutrients for your plants, just make sure you only do so if you removed all of the seeds first and chose to keep the natural look without paint, glitter, etc. You don’t want a pumpkin patch growing or chemicals harming your new plant. Some plants like succulents and cacti actually thrive if you do not hollow out the pumpkin. The soil will stay moist because of the guts. Remember these plants need lots of sun and little water, so find them a sunny spot. Most flowers however need daily watering. In this case you will be hollowing out your pumpkin completely, be mindful of your pot size when choosing your perfect pumpkin, even bring it with you! Place the potted plant directly in the empty pumpkin and remove while watering. This ensures no mess and prevents any premature molding.

Secondly: Decorate and design.

The great thing about this project is that it can be customized with a personal touch for any event. There are so many options for decorating your pumpkin. Painting a pumpkin is great for an indoor look where orange may not match your home decor. You can even use clear spray paint to preserve the pumpkin and reduce any odor. A new trend is to take broken crayons and melt them all around the stem of the pumpkin adding a neat texture to this familiar look, perfect for a kids room or classroom. For a more glamorous style use glitter. Creating accents such as spots, lines, symbols and letters are a great alternative to covering the whole pumpkin which often cases a mess. You can also seal this look with clear spray paint. Lastly, adding accents inside the pumpkin is a great pro tip. Using straw, moss or fake leaves to cover the dirt creates a more finished look. Even adding a bow can change the entire feel of the planter. The best way to display your new project is to place it on a wooden slab, the bark is a great way to add texture. The possibilities with this project are endless!

If you created a pumpkin planter this season, send us a photo! We are constantly inspired by our viewers! To see our pumpkin planters visit our the Haute Wedding Facebook page!