Gordes is lovely to visit year round, whether it’s admiring the chateau, exploring the caves or simply enjoying a glass of rosé on the terrace, this charming village is a must-see. You can say I do with stunning views of stone villages or spend your honeymoon wandering cobblestone streets.

Things  to do in Gordes, France:

1. Locals and visitors love the vibrant, weekly Tuesday Market. Fresh bread, local produce and fabrics abound. The farmland surrounding Gordes is known for growing almonds, olives and grapes. While exploring the area, be sure to stop in at a few wineries to sample the local vin.

2. The Cercle Repulicain, a historic café founded in 1911 as part of France’s network of Cercles Républicains, resides in the heart of the village. Ask to sit on the terrace enjoy to the picturesque views.

3. Just a short drive from Gordes, the Abbey de Sénanque was established in 1148 by Cistercian monks. The lavender fields blooming in front of the Abbey is perhaps the most recognized photograph of Provence. Today the monks who live at Sénanque grow lavender and tend honey bees for their livelihood. The landscape of the valley where the Abbey lies is simply stunning and should not be missed.

4. Set in a traditional Luberon farmhouse, the Lavender Museum, Musée de la Lavande, is filled with the delightful aroma of genuine lavender. Watch a short film and learn about growing and distilling the iconic flower of Provence, take an audio tour of the museum including stills dating back to the 16th century, and do some shopping for authentic lavender products.

5. The biggest festival in Gordes, Les Soirees d’été de Gordes, is an annual music festival in early August. As with many Provencal villages, Gordes holds festivals throughout the year — a wine festival in mid-August, a village festival in early October and an almond tree festival in spring. Plan around these events for the best trip!

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Fun Facts about Gordes, France:

1. You won’t find a wooden building in Gordes (or fences for that matter). All buildings are required to be made of the beautiful stone Provence is known for and use terracotta roof tiles.

2. The castle, located in the center of the village, dates back to 1031 and was partially rebuilt in Renaissance style in 1525.

3. Filmmakers are taken with Gordes’ magnificent setting. Scenes from several movies and television series, including A Good Year, Mistral’s Daughter, A Year in Provence and Mr. Bean’s Holiday were filmed in Gordes.

This article is written in partnership with Only Provence.

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