Our recent bride Jennifer contacted us literally 3 weeks before her wedding day. From the United States, her and André were going to be traveling in Europe on a ski trip for 2 weeks and she was considering eloping at the same time. I was liaising with her to coordinate an wedding day on skis on a glacier with incredible scenery. We sourced the guide, the itinerary, photographer, flowers, celebrant for the ceremony, lunch, dinner, the works!

A few days prior to their arrival we are emailing back and forth making finalizations and she drops the bomb: André doesn’t know anything….ummm….what?! The groom doesn’t know? What do you mean he doesn’t know. André likes spontaiety she tells me.

Ok….well this will definitely be spontaneous, that’s for sure!!

The couple have been together for 15 years, this was a second marriage for both. They got engaged 2 years ago and there was never a good time to hold a wedding.

André wanted to get married but was letting Jennifer basically surprise him. Well, SURPRISE!!

Jennifer told him the day before the wedding in Chamonix, which was also his birthday. He was all for it! Especially the part about skiing on a glacier with a guide all day long, and then saying I do between crevasses…literally. See photos for proof 🙂

It was an epic day that they will never ever forget! Steep terrain, icy blue crevasses, an expert guide to take them on lines they wouldn’t otherwise do on their own, a photographer to capture these unique moments, a ceremony location only accessible to a select few….what a skier’s wedding dreams are made of!!

And a special thanks to the whole team who helped put this together on such short notice with amazing enthusiasm and flexibility!!