Spring Showers Mountain Wedding

Chamonix, France


















Mary Elizabeth

& Andrew

Andrew & Mary Elizabeth planned the majority of their spring wedding on their own. Living close in Geneva, the ex-pat couple organized the festivities with many trips to and from Chamonix throughout the year. They already loved this beautiful Alpine village. 

All of the bridesmaids wore their own favorite bright color with a black fascinator to match. Mary Elizabeth looked absolutely gorgeous in cozy wedding shawl, and the sapphire blue shoes she wore added a touch of pizzazz to her look. The groom rocked his own pair of bright blue socks to tie everything together. This was a stylish couple, to say the least.

The late afternoon clouds brought some drizzle so we moved the party inside for the reception. The couple photos we’re super cute with striped umbrellas that came out fabulous in the photos! This couples bright personalities matched their love for color and patterns.

Their reception had purple accents in a cozy little hotel snuggled into the side of a mountain. The crackling fireplace, nooks & crannies, and warmth of the décor was perfect for their celebration. Congrats you stylish duo!