Like this amazing bride whose story we will be sharing, you’ve been probably planning and dreaming about your wedding for months and months now… your gorgeous dress, the beautiful venue, food, music, and flowers. For those of you having an outdoor wedding the scenery and natural beauty of the site that you are imagining were probably picked because of the flawless sunny pictures. 

We never like to think about grey and wet weather for a wedding but….you need to be ready for it, just in case!

Read all about how this couple smiled right through the rain because of her plan B! 

One of our recent couples Andrew and Mary Elizabeth were planning their gorgeous outdoor ceremony in the woods near a small lake in the French Alps. They really had their hearts set on marrying outside and even planned for a bit of rain by having enough umbrellas to provide for their guests…just in case. 

The day was gorgeous with sunny blue skies and spectacular views of the Mont Blanc. The weather forecast did, however, predict thundershowers in the afternoon. At 2:30 pm the skies still looked clear so the couple decided to carry on for the 4 pm ceremony outside as planned… maybe the weather report was wrong, or maybe the rain will come later…fingers crossed! At 4 pm just as MaryE was walking down the aisle, as if on cue, there was a drop, then another and another.

Guests started opening up their umbrellas. The celebrant said his opening words. The rain was getting heavier and there was even a bit of thunder off in the distance. We carried on. In less than 3 minutes there were buckets of water dumping out of the heavens. The bride was laughing and the groom had a very worried look on his face. It didn’t seem to be a light, in-passing sort of cloud…

With the flexibility and good-natured personalities of the couple, we stopped the ceremony. Quickly gathering up the chairs, champagne, and everything in between everyone made a run for their cars to take shelter and head to the Plan B location a few kilometers up the valley…the chapel!!

With a solid Plan B option in place, we managed to have the chapel opened, lit, and decorated with tea lights in less than 15 minutes! MaryElizabeth walked down the aisle again and Andrew’s worried expression was erased with a relieved happy smile…it was perfect (and dry) after all!

The rest of the ceremony and reception was enjoyed by all and we know the couple will have a beautiful life hand and hand through all life’s passing storms.