Elopements are an absolutely incredible way to focus on what is truly important you in your marriage: the two of you!! An elopement in the Alps is very  powerful and meaningful in part due to the intensity of the surroundings, and of course the other part being the emphasis you place on your exchange of vows and your promise to one another.

There is so much more flexibility in choosing a location that is remote, unique and spectacular because the logisitics are lighter due to a lower guest count.

Here are a few ideas for the ceremony location:

– skiing on a glacier and exchanging vows with icy blue crevasses in the background

– getting helicoptered to an altitude snowfield or mountain peak

– hiking to a mountain hut away from all civilization

– rock-climbing on a cliff side and saying ‘I do’ harnessed in

– dog-sledding to a remote snowfield

– paragliding immediately after the ceremony

– there are endless possibilities depending on your personalities and interests! We would discuss to create the ideal wedding elopement location for you!

We would recommend:

– photographer

– celebrant

– high-mountain guide to access the location

– bridal bouquet & button hole

– gourmet picnic lunch with champagne (of course!)

– wedding planner to create an itinerary & coordinate logistics