The Alps have so much to offer on your big day. The beauty just surrounds you in so many locations. One of our most beloved locations is Lake Annecy. The perfect mix of water and mountains with views galore.

There are endless activities for guests in the area, making it a fun family vacation as well as your big day. Annecy is a romantic city, filled with bright beautiful colors and brick streets. In the summer, flowers line the canals in different shades of red, purple and yellow. The smells of rich Italian specialties pull you in and the locals smile at you with genuine interest.

The city is overflowing with history and character as you make your way past the chateau to the lake. Walking around the lake, the air feels fresh, almost sweeter, and there is always a breeze. A great tip is to skip the water taxi and rent paddle boats and pack a lunch to eat on the water. (Or do both!)

There is always a lot of people out on the lake, swimming, and floating. It is peaceful to see the houses that line the shore, stacked with wrapped porches. There are plenty of city hotels close to everything or you can opt for that perfect lakeside morning view.

Annecy is a great contrast to the mountain view of the Alps which offer a warm rustic classic feeling. Annecy feels like a whole other world and it is just a stone’s throw away. Saying I do just in front of Mt. Blanc and walking down the canals with your spouse on your honeymoon is perfect destination wedding adventure.

The best part about Annecy is that it is a short hour or so drive away from Chamonix with Haute Transfer, our sister company.