The Third Aye is a home-grown brand of consciously crafted jewellery run by Amy Niven, in Edinburgh, Scotland. She creates “portable little nuggets of happiness which remind us to be connected to the natural world.” Her bespoke jewellery has done just that for our recent couple Lorna & John who married in the French Alps last Summer. It’s even her current favourite piece! She created jewellery with a precious mountain symbol that Lorna & John designed to represent their family; a big mountain, a middle mountain and a tiny little mountain held within. She handmade each silver necklace and cufflinks for the bride, groom and all of their wedding party. This symbol was incorporated all over the wedding, these handmade pieces were the perfect final touch.


Amy uses age-old techniques with environmentally friendly materials in every stage of the making process. All pieces are designed and handmade in the heart of busy Edinburgh, although her clients are from all over the world. The experience is completely personal and tailored to you. Wherever possible recycled and Fair Trade metals are used and even hallmarked by the Assay Office in Edinburgh which guarantees the client of the high quality of materials used by national and international standards.


I find my mind to be at its creative height when I spend time surrounded by nature. I love to make things which are beautiful but I also need there to be some meaning behind the pieces. I want to give the wearer a portable reminder to take time out of their day to find a bit of zen, a bit of quiet, a bit of love and compassion.


Amy says she is completely in love with the natural world. Outdoor adventuring is her go-to pastime, be it yoga with the rising sun, surfing in the wild North Sea, camping under the stars and the trees, hiking in the Scottish Highlands – anything to get close to nature. Previous to creating The Third Aye – Amy had an international career in marine conservation, so protection and celebration of the natural world is the core within every aspect of her life.

The name The Third Aye is symbolic of my inspiration, “the third eye” being the connection to the spiritual and natural worlds and “aye” being the Scottish for yes, the positive outlook. And so The Third Aye was born.


When we lost our daughter, Chloe, our family mountain with her at the heart was tattooed on my wrist as my own daily reminder to carry her, and all she taught us, with me daily. Discovering a way to incorporate something so personal and precious into our wedding, and to be able to subtly share it with those closest to us was wonderful. We will always be indebted to Amy for helping us realise that vision. Amy was easy to work with, kind, enthusiastic and incredibly passionate and committed to our design. She sent us pictures from the workbench regularly and when we received the items, all packaged to beautiful perfection, we were beyond thrilled. Getting married in the mountains of Chamonix, surrounded by nature’s splendor and peaceful majesty was everything to us. To have our family mountain cast as precious keepsakes to show our gratitude to those closest to us on the day was very special. – Lorna & John

To see more about Lorna & John’s destination wedding in the Alps, visit their wedding page – coming this month!

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