This styled wedding shoot had all the classical key components found in most weddings such as a beautiful bride, handsome groom, a designer dress…but that’s where the similarities ended.

Skipping the stilettos and Jimmy Choo shoes, our pro-skier model/bride opted for her Rossignol ski boots paired with the season’s latest Black Crows big mountain skis. The flowers and color scheme were selected by the vibrant fuchsia and orange found on her ski boots. The bridal bouquet, buttonhole, ski poles, and sunglasses were coordinated to revolve around these two colors and ‘pop’ against the snowy mountain terrain.

Our groom for the day was ever ready to play the romantic, opting for Dynastar Telemark skis, he didn’t need to be asked to go down on one knee.  And while some grooms claim that they’re head-over-heels for their brides, our groom proved that more than just his heart could do back-flips! The telemark skis didn’t deter him from pulling off an impressive invert coming off a sizable jump.  

The two carved magazine worthy turns with the Mont-Blanc as the postcard-perfect backdrop. Our bride even managed to go vertical with an airbag jump in her Jenny  Packham dress.

We HIGHLY recommend you click on the photos to see them in full-screen mode, as they are GORGEOUS!!

 Thank you Nicole Douglas Photography for the photos and text!

To our models Samantha & Jeremy for their good looks, hot turns, and airbag jumps!

And to Estelle for your enthusiasm and help on this shoot!