If you are anything like us.. picking the perfect playlist is difficult enough.. now add in wedding stress.. it is tough. Don’t worry, we are sharing a few tips to create the perfect wedding playlist that your guests will love!

• Have songs that mean something to you and your love story? Incorporate those! This can be songs from your childhood, a first date, or a favorite film!

• Find a few songs that you will randomly hear out. Then when you hear them they will make you smile.

• Build your playlist over time and then refine it when you get closer to the big day.

• Have guests RSVP with a song! This is a fun way to get your guests involved and get everyone dancing on the big day.

• Mix genres! Start with older classic tunes then move to more modern songs as the night progresses.

• Ask your wedding party for help! Have. everyone send over their favorites to consider

• Did you know you can ask your DJ to record the playlist? It is totally worth it! Most DJs can add this service for you!

What songs are you adding to your playlist? Leave some inspo in the comments below!