When it comes on to special occasions, weddings are probably among the most treasured. It’s a fusion of souls, a coming together, a joining of hearts. Looking for that big idea to take your wedding up a notch, how about a custom wedding song?

A must-have at any wedding ceremony is music. In fact, music is an essential component in weddings across the world in various cultures, whether it is a traditional ceremony in a chapel, a thematic outdoor bash, or a barefooted beach shindig on the beach. This has been the case for centuries, with actual wedding music becoming a thing in the late 16th Century. The famous wedding song, “Here Comes The Bride,” is well over 150 years, having been used for the first time in 1858 at the royal wedding of Prince Frederick William of Prussia and his bride Princess Victoria.

The musical selections at weddings add to the experience, and not just for the couple getting married. Friends and families in attendance are often pulled in by the appropriateness of the music being played. There is a reason why some songs continue to be staples at countless weddings.

But how about creating your very own custom wedding song to play at your big day? While many of the traditional wedding songs carry the same generic messages, a custom-created allows you to say exactly what you want to say to your husband or wife-to-be. Just think about the response to a song from a bride or groom describing their first time of meeting.

Creating a unique song for a wedding doesn’t have to be left up to the marrying couple, either. A father, mother, sibling, other family member or friend may want to express their thoughts in the form of a song. For example, a father outlining all the different emotions he will encounter on his daughter’s wedding day (weddings are usually a very emotional affair for most parents, especially fathers realizing their daughter is no longer “daddy’s little girl”).

If this sounds like something you would do but not sure how you would go about getting it done (maybe because you don’t know the first thing about writing or recording a song), you can connect with us and Bring My Song To Life. With Bring My Song To Life, you can create customized songs to use as gifts for any occasion. The best part is, you don’t need to have any musical talent or songwriting ability. You only need to provide the song idea you have – in the case of a wedding, for one or both wedding couples, or about the wedding itself – and the musicians will write and record a professional-sounding song.

If this sounds like a good idea for your wedding or the wedding of someone close to you, you can hop on over to Bring My Song To Life to get started. 

Take a listen on the Bring My Song to Life soundcloud for examples of past songs.