Preparing for a destination wedding is so fun, but packing can get confusing and hectic just a few days before. Use this easy to read guide so you remember all of the little things and the big stuff too!


If you’re anything like us, we pack a much too large “personal handbag” every time we board a super long flight. Especially with a destination wedding just a few days away, you’re going to be excited and possibly unable to sleep. So pack all the must haves in your bag to make the time pass quickly and the flight a breeze.

The Essentials:

  • Wallet with money in both currencies and an ID.
  • Headphones or earplugs.
  • An eye mask and neck pillow – Go all out!
  • Glasses, both sunglasses, and prescription.
  • A nice scarf, that could keep your arms warm too!
  • Ticket and passport – double triple check.
  • Book, planner, and pen.
  • Computer and charger.
  • Phone charger, adapter, and extra battery.
  • Umbrella and jacket- even if just in the bottom of your bag.
  • Snack.. Or two! A water bottle.
  • Mints, gum, face wipes, chapstick, a mini bottle of perfume and tissues.
  • Any in-flight medicine.

The Extras:

  • Bring a pair of socks, in case of a cold flight.
  • A flashlight keychain.
  • Keys and a lock for your bags! Yes, even the one under your seat!
  • To clear your head, take a non-drowsy antihistamine an hour before take off.
  • Precharge all of your electronics.
  • Take a photo of your luggage.
  • Pack all of your liquids in this bag! This way you don’t have to open your carry on at all.

Plan for the worst, and hope for the best. Your main carry on bag should be packed and ready for arrival. We all dread being that one unlucky bag that goes missing. But, it happens. So be prepared. Pack enough necessities in your carry on to last you a few days, including wedding attire if possible. Ladies, keep a full face of makeup in your bag and any hair essentials too! This bag should have any extra hygiene products including a razor and toothbrush! Also keep your home keys and additional money in this bag, never in your checked luggage. Lastly, take an extra copy of your passport and ID, everything you need in an emergency.

The Essentials:

  • Full attire for the wedding, or as much as possible.
  • Versatile wardrobe for backup.
  • An extra pair of shoes.
  • Seasonal attire for your destination.
  • Jacket and scarfs or swimsuit and cover up.
  • Back up charger and adapter.
  • Valuables such as jewelry and watches.
  • Any wedding responsibilities, such as a gift.
  • Full face makeup, hair products, and bathroom supplies.
  • A spare grocery bag for dirty clothes.
  • Extra money and document copies.

Our last advice is to pack early! Give yourself some peace of mind and start to pack away the easy stuff first. Keeping a list is always a great way to stay organized and double check along the way. Destination weddings are fun and the perfect place to relax with close friends. Communicate with other guests and share the big stuff like a hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, stain repellent, and sunscreen. Anything you can consolidate will lighten your load and ease your mind!

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