We are reminiscing about last year’s weddings and there is one in particular that comes to mind! Michael & Neil’s Extravagant French Riviera wedding. This wedding was truly special on so many different levels but we’d like to touch upon the fact that their wedding was the FIRST EVER same sex wedding celebrated in the city hall of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

Michael and Neil come from a mosaic of backgrounds. Michael grew up in Switzerland with Russian, Turkish, and Jewish origins. While Neil grew up in China. They both love exploring and have traveled all over the world. They chose to marry in France and wanted to have their union recognized legally because in their respective home countries it wasn’t possible.


The couple hired a lawyer to help with the process. However not being French residents, being gay, and choosing to marry in a politically conservative location in France made everything a bit harder. The paperwork, legalities, and the entire journey was very challenging. It was an uphill battle, to say the least.

Michael and Neil’s love for one another gave them the strength and determination to push through the countless obstacles. There was frustration and anger along this journey when prejudices and biases, based on their sexual orientation, brought them up against unanswered calls and emails. Excuses and unfounded reasons for trying to dismay them, tire them out, and make them give up were constant. However they refused to tire, they refused to let it go, they refused to throw in the towel in. Michael and Neil believed with their hearts that love conquers all and it did! They married legally despite all odds, barriers, and difficulties! They never gave up, they never lost faith, they remained hopeful and endured through all circumstances.

Their legal marriage was a huge personal victory, but also one that has hopefully set a stone in the groundwork for future gay couples in the area. Love conquers all!