This active duo fell in love with one another while adventuring around the French Alps mountains. They both have traveled all over the world, seen some incredible places, and ended up in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc because of the lifestyle that is encouraged here. They love exploring new places together and trying challenging trails that take them to beautiful lookouts. One of their favorite places to go for a quick morning run in the Summer is the Chalet Floria. Nestled into the side of the mountain is an old buvette covered in colorful flowers with stunning views of the Bosson glacier, the Drus, and the Mont Blanc mountain range. This place was very special to them because it was one of their first and favorite hikes together.

Marcel had an amazing idea to surprise his partner. They planned an early morning trail run over the balcon sud and to the buvette. Svetlana had no idea what was coming because they have been running here plenty over the years. Little did she know, Marcel planned for us to set up a private little table with champagne, macarons, and fruit for their arrival. 

The photographer was just pretending to be a tourist taking photos of the views and hid around the corner to capture the sweet moment. When Svetlana saw it, she immediately became all giggly, thinking it was for someone else.. then Marcel quickly grabbed a beautiful bouquet of flowers with big white roses and greenery before dropping down to one knee to ask the big question. Svetlana was very shocked and quickly said yes of course!

After a quick photoshoot in the forest, they returned back down the quick hike to the valley to celebrate! We know this hike was the biggest adventure yet and we can’t wait to see what these two will do next. – Congrats Marcel and Svetlana!