Happy Easter & start to Spring 2020! To say the least, we know this year the holiday is far from normal. With everyone on quarantine and staying home, it can really keep us from feeling the holiday spirit. We want to challenge you to change perspective and focus on what this change of season really symbolizes.

Spring is about new life. It is about growth and new beginnings. The world around you starts to transform and it gives you hope for brighter days. The smells of new blossoms, the sounds of the birds, the colors of the flowers all ready to greet you – this is what we can get excited about.

In the Alps, the snow from the mountains melt away and trees start to stand a little taller. Starting from the bottom you can watch it grow up and up unveiling a new view to embrace. Ski slopes turn into hiking trails and more paragliders fill the sky. The streets of the town start a gentle hum as everyone gathers. The town really transforms.

Spring on the Riviera means pool days, sandy toes, and sea adventures. New chances to explore beautiful locations and try new things. It means dusting off your bathing suit and getting excited for tan lines. The world becomes more vibrant and people start emerging to mingle.

In Provence, the markets start to fill with artisan vendors. Fresh produce and florals line the paths. Smells of fresh bread bring you into the bakeries and people start to arrive from all over the world. This is the season that Provence starts to thrive.

All of these little things that we can look forward to, and be grateful for, even more after this pandemic passes.

We hope everyone uses this time to be grateful for the endless possibilities ahead. To plan adventures, to never stop dreaming. We hope as the flowers start to bloom, you take those moments to really soak in the changes.

Even in a crisis, the world never stops spinning. The seasons never stop changing, and neither do you.

Sending love from all of us at Haute Wedding as we stay positive and hopeful.

Happy Spring 2020!