What we have realized from COVID 19

The world will probably never be the same after the COVID 19 virus, hopefully, it will be better than before. To say the least this experience has been a roller coaster ride of twists and turns, uncertainties and challenges. 

However one thing is certain, the virus has made us here at Haute Wedding more grateful, and in-tune with the basics of life. We are noticing more and more how the simpler things are the essentials, so simple yet so rich in importance and well-being. Health, loved ones, a roof over our heads, food on the table, sunshine, and work that we love doing is really what makes the world go round.

Sometimes in the busy season when we are slammed with weddings we don’t have time to slow down and enjoy the process, we buckle down, do the work but may not have the time to relish in the beauty of what we are bringing to life for our couples. But the COVID 19 isolation really made us realize even more what we already know… we love our job and are so grateful to work with incredible couples from all over the world every day. 

Every couple has a story, a background, a unique journey that as individuals that have brought them together as a couple to take on the journey of life together. We as wedding planners are fortunate to be present for the start of that life together, in what may be one of the biggest celebrations in their lifetime, gathering those dearest to them to share in life, hope and love.

What COVID 19 is doing to our weddings in 2020

For our dear couples who chose to marry in spring or summer of 2020, the COVID 19 has cast an uncertain cloud into the planning process that takes away from what should be a joyful journey and opportunity to approach life with a light heart and sense of hope for the future.

Some couples have chosen to cancel their wedding for logistical reasons, but the vast majority are looking to the future and keeping their desire to marry in joyful circumstances alive. And in order to do so, they have postponed their weddings to be held when this will all be over.

We always knew our roles as planners were important and a key part of producing extraordinary events… but this crisis has shown us that our roles may never have been more critical! The world is so uncertain on an everyday basis now with new ways of living: confinements, working from home, less social interactions… Imagine those couples who are not only adapting to these new ways of living, but who also have the added burden and worry to re-arrange, re-schedule, and navigate through such unknown territory in a foreign country on their own by managing their destination wedding from thousands of miles away! It would be an extremely stressful challenge that would take the joy away from the wedding planning journey which should be exciting, full of hope, and bringing dreams to reality… not managing nightmares!

What we are doing to help our couples through COVID 19 

Negotiation with the venue to keep the initial deposits paid until a later date is the first obstacle…we’ve noticed that most venues would prefer and urge their clients to push to later in 2020 for their own financial security, however, we feel that even a few months down the road this will probably still not be a light and carefree experience.. at Haute Wedding we too would prefer from a financial perspective that couples stay in 2020, but we know this is not best for our couples and hence encourage them to look to 2021. But then negotiating this with the venues requires experience and pull, which a wedding planner definitely has from working with the venues regularly and bringing them weddings time and time again. A planner would have more leverage and the personal relationships established with the venues to help couples keep their deposits in place and move them into 2021 without penalties or money lost.

For all other suppliers, it is a similar situation. Each wedding has between 10-20 different suppliers that include the venue, catering, photographers, videographers, florists, celebrant, hair, make-up, cake, etc. Imagine having to negotiate with each one individually from across the world, different time zones, different cultures, different contracts, and different perspectives on how to best work through the COVID 19 obstacles.

We have tackled this unexpected burden for our couples, and with the incredible support, flexibility, and established relationships with our suppliers we are moving forward to reassure our couples that their once-in-a-lifetime event will happen just as smoothly and beautifully as planned…just a little later than planned 🙂

Keep the joy alive

It is not an easy time for anyone, but we feel it is important to keep the joy alive. Everyone in the event industry is going to take a very detrimental, very hard hit this year, but again,  it’s about remembering what is important.  And what is important? Health. Family. Love. Hope. Everything a wedding embodies.

Stay safe, stay home and stay grateful!

Lots of love from us at Haute Wedding – Monica, Kerry, Anna, Charlie & Stephanie

Please don’t ever hesitate in contacting us if you ever have any questions!