The diamond industry is known for not being the most ethical of industries, so buying lab diamonds are a more eco-friendly option!  Before you had to wait thousands even billions of years for precious diamonds to form and make their way to sparkling on your ring finger. Now diamonds are created in a lab in as little as 28 days and up to 12 weeks.

Man-made diamonds actually start from a real gem from the ground called diamond seeds. These tiny diamonds are placed in growth chambers that heat up to 1,200 degrees and are coated in gases to inhibit growth.

They began to grow little by little at first and then into bigger gems. Eventually, the diamonds multiply to create sometimes even 30 diamonds at a time!

Synthetic gems are said to be about 25% cheaper than natural diamonds and have been massed produced so quickly that almost 1/10 of jewelry made within the last 10 years is man-made.

However, synthetic jewels are rarely bought back at full price, instead, they lose their resale value as soon as they are taken from the store. It is also unfortunate but most man-made diamonds do not have to be marketed as synthetic.. so make sure to always ask. Real naturally grown diamonds always come with a paper certification of authenticity.

It is because of these circumstances that the market for antique jewelry is more popular than ever. Diamonds are much prettier when you leave it to Mother Nature, but often people can’t tell the difference unless they look up close with a trained eye.

Which diamond do you prefer?

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