Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips: Simple tips to save your budget & the planet. 

Aisle Toss Alternative: Why use unbiodegradable confetti when the world gives us so many natural things to celebrate with! Instead use petals, lavender, seeds, ribbon wands or bubbles for your send-off celebration.

Use recycled materials: The stationary above is made on petal paper which is created from flower pulp! A great way to upcycle old flower scraps.. plus, it’s beautiful!

Donate: Instead of throwing away your excess florals from the big day, we can donate them to nursing homes and funeral homes. 

Re-sell: Especially with destination weddings, anything that doesn’t fit in the carry-on back, we would love adding to our “in house”  decor rental collection for future brides to use. 

Potted vs. Plucked: All of the florist we work with offer potted planet options for native plants! We always recommend looking into local florals and potted plants can grow larger and be reused again! One bride even used maps to make paper flowered for some deco, we loved it!

Rent decor: We have a great selection of wedding decorations “in-house” so you don’t have to bring anything over for your destination wedding. We also work with incredible florists who offer potted plant alternatives and floral arches made from upcycled wood.

Go local: We can’t encourage this one enough. We love France so much, we want to support any local business that we can! We try to recommend local suppliers for your big day and even your guest gifts. Vendors like Une Pincee de Provence handcraft artisan gifts, all sourced in Provence. Lisa finds all of the products from street markets in the region and then packages them herself!

Reuse reuse reuse those florals: This tip helps save your budget too! Often we move flowers from the ceremony to the reception during the cocktail hour. For example, moving the aisle flowers to a mantle for the reception seems like a simple thing, but not what you want to do on your big day. We take care of it all, the little and the big things.

Responsible Rings: Did you know the diamond industry has a dark past? Look into where your gems are coming from or consider lab diamonds, which are guaranteed more ethical. 

Register for giveback gifts:  There are so many charities to donate to instead of material items. If you are looking for gifts for a new home, look for items that are run by companies who give back!

Dress smart:  Have you considered finding cool antique pieces for your wedding attire? A vintage veil or antique jewellery is a unique touch. These bowties below are made from shed feathers! They are so trendy and a great way to up-cycle an otherwise wasted beauty. 

These are just a few tips! What kind of ideas do you have for an eco-friendly wedding day? We would love to hear from you below!