Perfect makeup on your wedding day is super important. Picking the right look, the right stylist, and prepping your skin in advance is all something you should think about well before the big day. We are sharing a few tips to feel your best and keep your make up look lasting all night!

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bride getting make up done • Captured by Airsnap

Makeup tips for before your wedding

  • Create a Pinterest board with your favorite looks for both you and your wedding party. This is a great thing to share with your stylist so they can get inspired and create the perfect look for you.
  • Decide on who you want to include on your wedding makeup list. Some brides include grand parents, parents, and even friends who are not in the wedding party.
  • Check out the stylists previous work! Let them know which ones you like and which ones you don’t, this can help with pick similar products for your makeup.
  • Healthy skin is the best skin for makeup, try to moisturize in the morning and at night as much as possible.
  • Sunscreen is key! Avoid getting sunburned for a few weeks before your wedding day to avoid spots or peeling. 
  • If you plan to get a spray tan, try to schedule it 4 days or more in advance.
  • Drink water! This is a given all the time to feel your best on your wedding day but as an extra bonus make up looks best on hydrated skin.
  • Lip care is also important. Keep a chapstick in your makeup bag, purse, and bedside table so you remember to reapply throughout the day.
  • If you plan to try teeth whitening at home, start at least a few months ahead.
  • Start using nail oil and pushing back your cuticles because here will be plenty of ring shots in your future!
  • If possible, plan for a bridal makeup trial with your stylist. You can even do this for your rehearsal dinner. This way you have a closer relationship with your stylist on the day of the wedding.
  • Tell your makeup artist what kind of makeup you normally wear. Then she can choose brands you like to use!
  • Shower the night before your wedding and apply dry shampoo the night before. This way your hair can hold any curl.

Makeup tips for on the wedding day

  • For summer weddings, choose a more matte foundation. Dewy foundations will make your skin reflect in the sun and make you look shiny.
  • Talk to your makeup artist about which concealer you like most. Powder formulas work great on folks with larger pores, while creams offer a dewy finish and last longer in cooler temperatures.
  • Consider the length of your wedding, if your wedding takes place from day to night pick more long-wearing makeup and avoid a full-face look. This way your make-up lasts the entire time. If you are eloping you can have more flexibility with your makeup look and pick more dramatic styles since your big day is often much shorter.
  • Prep your skin with an anti-shine and water-resistant prime. This can help your makeup stick and stay matte all day long.
  • Use matte lipstick and avoid lip glosses, they last longer and smudge less.
  • Pro tip, ask your makeup artist to buy you a few things that you can take home.. lip colors, blush, or mascaras. This way you have them for touch-ups throughout the day and you can also wear them for special occasions in the future!
  • Think of matching your lips to your flowers or finding a complimenting color.
  • Lip liner helps your lipstick last longer and smudge less. We don’t recommend over lining your lips because this can fade throughout the wedding day.
  • Looking for a brighter eye look? Use a nude or light eyeliner to help make your eyes pop!
  • A tip to help your perfume last much longer is not to rub wrists together once you apply your perfume. Instead, press together for a long lasting fragrance. 
  • Keep a little make-up touch-up kit. We recommend having a beauty blender, blotting papers, or translucent to remove excess oil or shine on the day.

When you work with us will we help you to pick the best make-up artist for your style and budget. Contact us today for more information.