This Summer Alps wedding was featured on French Wedding Style this week!

Paul & Yu are an international couple that came from families who love to travel! Paul’s family has been coming to the French Alps for many years and absolutely loved Chamonix. The couple has been living in Shanghai and wanted to come back to Europe for their destination wedding. So, Hua Yu’s family traveled from China to share this special day in the mountains with them.

Chamonix is a unique Alpine paradise that held a special place in Paul’s heart. It is a seasonal place and this groom knew the best time to take advantage of everything this valley town had to offer for a wedding. Just between high and low seasons in a ski resort town is called shoulder season. The town is still lively, everything is green and warm, but the tourists have gone home and the pace feels a bit slower, more like home. The snow is not thick anymore instead just a thin white sheet reminding you of the winter wonderland that this village once was.

The infamous attractions in Chamonix are no longer shoulder to shoulder lines instead offer more room to soak in the views. The couple took the cable car to the top of the Aiguille du Midi where they took stunning photos overlooking the snow-capped mountains 12,605 ft in the sky. The first looks at altitude were a unique mix of extreme and serene.

In true Alps style, the ceremony was held in a chalet garden with views looking up toward the Aiguille du Midi, Mont-Blanc and Bossons glacier. The couple had an accordion player and violinist play ‘Café de Paris’ style music for the ceremony, scenic train ride,  and cocktail hour.


They incorporated so many fun personal touches to their wedding such as a karaoke session during the dance party which apparently is all the rage in China! The flower girls held a memorial plaque down the aisle in remembrance of the family that couldn’t make the wedding.  The entire wedding was truly a family affair.

Paul & Yu stayed cool and effortless the entire wedding weekend. It is so clear they really share something special. Tu Nguyen, our amazing photographer, said it best when she said “One of those weddings where you realize things are falling into place and everything that’s meant to happen is happening. Paul and Yu love their lives. They are deeply in love with each other and they are in a happy place. Surrounded by loving friends and families and plenty of things to focus on. Sat back, relaxed and seizing the moments of their big day.”

Thank you, Tu Nguyen, for the beautiful photos!

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