We are excited to share some great news here at Haute Wedding! We are very pleased to announce that we will now be working with a select handful of venues in the Dordogne region for destination weddings in South West France!

• We are going to be exploring this region all week, so stay tuned on our Instagram to follow along! •

Dordogne is a department of France that was created in 1790 during the French Revolution. It is the third largest department of Metropolitan France, after Gironde and Landes. It was named after the beautiful and iconic river Dordogne that crosses through the east to the west. The borders of Dordogne continued to expand over the decades and this part of the country is even often included when speaking of the South of France.

With rolling hills, meandering rivers, fairy tale castles and medieval cobblestone villages – the Dordogne region is the hidden jewel of the South West!

Get lost in a region where incredible food, leisure activities, and timeless architecture are around every corner. Deep red wines, truffles, duck, walnuts, strawberries, foie gras, cheese, veal, and lamb are some of the most acclaimed foods in France.

Fill your days canoeing down the Dordogne river beneath centuries-old chateaux perched upon clifftops or biking through the stunning countryside from one castle to the next. The land is filled with beauty, history, and a magical aura that radiates from the soft orange limestone rock. 

The ideas for destination weddings in the Dordogne region are absolutely limitless. Time travel back in time as you visit this unique location. We are absolutely thrilled to be working in this new region and exploring even more of this beautiful country. We CAN’T WAIT! Keep an eye on this page and our Instagram feed as we will be posting pictures and updates of  Dordogne in the upcoming weeks!