5 Reasons You Should Have a Silent Disco at Your Wedding

Turn It Up a Notch:

Skip the playlists and hire two live DJs to battle it out. The set up is simple and there are no large speakers or stages needed. Add some cool lighting and you have yourself the perfect party. 

Party All Night Long:

Especially in the Alps & the South France, outdoor venues have early noise ordinances. Loud music really carries down the water along the Riviera or down the valley in the mountains. But the party does not have to end! These wireless headphones ensure the party lasts into the wee hours of the night. 

Tunes for the Whole Guest List:

It is hard to find music that fits everyone. The great thing about silent disco is that you can have 3 channels with 3 completely different styles of music.

One channel can be throwbacks to your college days, one can be classics for your family, and you can even have a channel just for the kids!

Mingle in Peace & Quiet:

We noticed your guests can stay chatting at the dinner reception longer with a silent disco! We found more people were mingling since they had more quiet spaces to do so. It was the perfect way to make everyone feel welcome and in on the action.

Extra Beauty Rest: 

Are you and your guests staying in the same location as the reception? Not everyone wants to stay up late. This is a great way to be respectful of all of your guests who may also be experiencing jet lag for a destination wedding. 

A silent disco is fun for everyone and adds an extra surprise element to your night. This trend is everything we didn’t know we needed!

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