Are you a couple whose wedding dream is to celebrate their love by taking on the pistes? If you’re anything like us, then skiing isn’t just a sport, it’s a religion, a lifestyle! So no better way to spend your big day! But before you head out on to the slopes in your wedding gear, there are a few things you need to consider.

Choose Outfits That You Can Move In

When you’re picking your wedding outfits, make sure you can move in them. Like really move in them. Skiing and snowboarding requires you to move your body into quite active positions. When you’re in the dressing rooms, imagine you’re cruising down the hill and see how comfortable you feel. You don’t want anything that is going to restrict your movement, tear open or even worse, let anything slip out.

For Snowboarders

The biggest thing for snowboarders to consider is the width of your stance. Even with a moderate to wide stance, a standard pair of suit trousers might not stretch that wide, and a mermaid style wedding gown could also potentially cause some problems. For the bride, there’s also the matter of the dress train to consider. Whilst it’s not such a big deal breaker for skiers (within reason), a wedding dress train can be quite problematic for snowboarders if you’re turning onto your heel edge. If your dress does have a train, I’d definitely recommend having a bustle added to it to make sure it’s lifted away from your heels.

Take Your Boots To Your Fitting

Luckily ski and snowboard boots have a fairly thick sole, so you’re not going to need to have your dress shortened a lot. But if you are thinking about hitting the slopes, just make sure that the hem of the dress sits just above the sole of your boots so that there’s no risk of anything catching.

Check Out The Lift Situation

If you’re hoping to have a ski-in, ski-out wedding ceremony and reception, look at what lifts and which pistes are the most accessible. Drag lifts and rickety old chairlifts are best avoided in favour of cable cars or more modern chairlifts. And don’t forget to make sure you both have your lift passes before heading out! I have had one wedding where the groom got on the lift ahead of the bride, only to realise that he had her lift pass!

Don’t Forget Eye Protection

Whilst a helmet and goggles might not be a look you want to go for, you’re definitely going to want to pack some sunglasses in your bag. Not because they make you look cool (although they probably do) but because you don’t want to get snow blindness or have your eyes watering like crazy from the cold air as you ride down.

Have Someone Ski With You To Help Out

Skiing on your wedding day isn’t like a normal day on the slopes. You’ll have a photographer with you and there might be a lot of stopping and starting. Whilst you might want to have jackets and gloves with you for keeping warm, you might not want to be wearing them in all your pictures. Having a member of the wedding party with you who is a confident skier or boarder means they can hold things when you don’t need them.

What do you think? Are you ready to take to the slopes on your wedding day?

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A huge thank you to our guest blogger Cat with Wild Connections Photography & We are the Wanderers blog.

About Cat:

Cat is an adventure wedding photographer and blogger with a love of all things wild and adventurous. A British expat, her love of the mountains led her to the Austrian Alps where she lives with her husband. Whilst living in Austria she started Wild Connections Photography for couples looking for an alternative to traditional wedding photography, and in 2017 she started the adventure wedding and travel blog We Are The Wanderers. She accompanies couples on great adventures across Europe and is a sucker for a good mountain wedding.