Living in the French Alps means we are surrounded by some incredible skiers who have really focused their life on the sport. We all love the snow and look forward to days with fresh powder. Who else knows the feeling? Imagine meeting the love of your life on the mountain, following their tracks down to the valley floor. This is a reality for many couples that choose to marry in Chamonix! We have had many couples incorporate the sport into their wedding decor. So we wanted to share the ideas for everyone to use!

ski guest book france alps vintage

Skis as a guest book

This has been an absolute favorite for so many of our couples. You can choose to use an old pair of skis that would look great hanging on a wall, or use a pair that you broke that have been filled with memories. You can choose to have the bride’s guests on one ski and the groom’s on the other or mix it up! It is all up to you.

Skis as a light fixture

This is an idea that we have always been drawn to! Hang lights like Edison bulbs or fairy lights on a ski hanging from the ceiling as a fun way to create a statement and draw your eye upward. You can also add flowers or greenery for an extra touch.

Skis holding up your welcome sign or seating chart

This is a fun and subtle way to incorporate skis right when the guests walk in or right as they take a seat! We love this look with antique skis.

shoot in france ski lift powder couple

Ski lift photos

Grab your skis and head to the lift for some awesome Alps inspired shots! We often have couples who choose to marry at altitude and we make sure to have the photographer grab a few shots with a mountain backdrop.

ski shot groomsmen intimate cabin wedding drinking games ski wedding

Ski shots

The always favorite reception trend is the ski shot! Grab a few friends and line up to all take a shot together. You can rent these or we can make one for you to keep forever! We can promise your guests will love it!

Custom wedding skis

Looking for the ultimate ski lovers gift? Custom wedding skis that say Mr. & Mrs. is an unforgettable gift!


What are some other great ski inspired trends to incorporate? We would love to hear from you! Drop us a comment below!