Have you ever considered having wedding day fireworks? The trend of having sparklers for your wedding exit has been around for as long as we can remember. We love it! We also encourage couples to put sparklers on their wedding cake or French croquembouche. But that is just the start of how to incorporate fireworks on your big day. 

Milletoiles is a fireworks specialist located in the South of France. The shows planned by her expertly trained team add an extra unique and memorable flair to your special day. 

Milletoiles has fireworks packages for intimate small displays as well as entire firework shows coordinated to a song of your choice. They take care of everything for you to ensure a safe and magnificent lighting display.

We have used Milletoiles on beautiful French Riviera weddings. The first wedding day fireworks show was a surprise to the couple organized by the groom’s mom. The couple was in tears and totally taken off guard, it was so magical. The fireworks were coordinated to shoot off of a barge floating off the shore in Antibes. The reflection of the lights twinkled off the sea and it was truly a breathtaking moment for everyone on the shoreline. All of the guests swayed along to the music as they watched the display. It was such a romantic moment that really kicked off a spectacular party. 

Our most recent wedding with fireworks was at the famous Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. This wedding weekend was so grand and the fireworks fit perfectly into the timeline filled with live music and show-stopping moments. Everyone gathered to one of the Villa’s many garden terraces where you overlook the long winding coastline of the French Riviera. The views here are like no other. For this wedding, they coordinated not one but two firework shows perfectly timed to two of the couple’s favorite songs! This was such an emotional finale to our biggest wedding weekend to date!

We can’t wait to incorporate more fireworks displays into weddings all over France. Contact us for more information on your own of a kind fireworks display coordinated to your favorite music.