UPDATE: Sorry we do not have any recommendations for wedding insurance for 2022. We always suggest getting a planner who can help you navigate or stating a clear cancelation process in your contract.

Wedding insurance is one of those purchases that many couples don’t think about because they don’t believe they will need it. After all, what are the odds something will go wrong? You’d be surprised…

What is a Wedding Insurance?

Wedding Insurance is exactly what it sounds like – an insurance policy that covers your wedding and financially protects you against misfortune and mishap. 

Wedding insurance can protect you against a range of unfortunate events and help you make sure you are not out of pocket as a result, but whether it’s worth taking out ultimately depends on the cost of your wedding and how worried you are about things going wrong.

Wedding Insurance policies are relatively inexpensive – a basic policy costs between £70 to £300 – and can help you have peace of mind.

What Wedding Insurance Policies Typically Cover: 

  • Weather If your celebration has to be postponed because of rain or other bad weather, your policy should cover the cost of rescheduling.
  • Illness or Injury If essential people get sick or injured and cause the wedding to be postponed, the expenses involved with that postponement are covered.
  • A Missing Officiant If your minister, justice of the peace, rabbi or another celebrant should be a no-show, you’ll recoup some of your costs.
  • Missing vendors Similarly, if your caterer, florist, photographer, or other key vendor is missing in action, you’ll recover some costs and possibly the costs of rescheduling the whole thing.
  • Your Location If your ceremony and reception sites don’t already carry their own insurance, your wedding insurance policy can cover damage to the site, fire, electrical or mechanical problems, or going out of business that causes you to lose money or have to reschedule. 

What Isn’t Covered:

  • Cancelling due to cold feet.
  • Cancelling because of something you already knew. when you took out the policy. 

Of course, we, at Haute Wedding, would recommend you to take wedding insurance and to double-check what exactly is covered and not covered. “Better safe than sorry”!